When your ready to make that first step

Carter Custom Designs is here to lead the way. We can answer all your questions, and
provide you with superior services from concept to completion. We have
streamlined the process to insure thoroughnesses and making sure you have a
complete understanding of the process. Contact us today! We will be glad to
answer any questions you might have.
Your Idea: You are finally ready to take that idea and make it a
reality. Your search begins for a suitable service to make it
happen. Consider Carter Custom Designs. We lead the way
with trouble free service and perfected design and
construction abilities.

Initial Meeting: Carter Custom Designs will offer to meet you  
to discuss the possibilities of your project based on existing
construction, site and zoning conditions, possible costs and
other important variables, which may affect your plans.

Proposal: We will then prepare a detail proposal which will
outline costs, time lines and suggested ideas under the
restraints of the project.

Preliminary Design: Once the proposal is excepted, we begin
schematic design and provide designs for you to review our
designs based on your wishes. We review the designs and
find out what works for you and what does not. We fine tune
the design to perfectly match and meet your expectations. We
consider costs and financial planning and move forward
based on you knowing what your project will cost and the time
it will take to produce. We head off and alert you to unforeseen
road bumps that may impact the project.

Final Design: We work to pick out all details of th e project
such as window types or tiles for a new floor. We make sure
you know what you are going to get built and strive for no
surprises. Our goal is the satisfied smile on your face.

Contract and Per-construction: We handle all permits and
review the contracts making sure you understand all details.
We lay the ground work for a smooth and genuine build

The Build: We arrive on site and begin the building process.
We listen to your input along the way and welcome your
observations through the transformation. We look forward to
bring your project to life.